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Contact for Login details : Call/whatsapp Us on +256702556922

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Contact for Login details : Call/whatsapp Us on +256702556922

NB: This script has dynamic user roles and authorization systems, So you can create more user roles and give them permission as per your needs.

Dysmart – University Management System, Institute And College

Dysmart is a Smart and Complete Academic Management Software that can be used by any type of University, College, Institute, Training Institute, or Educational Academy. If your Academy provides courses based on multiple Sessions. Like Semesters, Trimesters, Quadmester or Yearly then this is the most perfect solution for your academy. From admission to graduation, It has all of the necessary features such as Student Enroll and Transfer, Academic setup, Class and Exam routine setup, Student Attendance, Exam mark register and Result publication, Assignment manager, Notice board, Email and SMS notification, Income-Expense record, Fees collection, Staff Attendance and Payroll, Library and Front-Desk management, Transcript and Certificate generation. Inventory, Hostel and Transport Manager And many more. It contains all necessary modules with dynamic user roles and authorization systems. This way you can create multiple user roles as needed and grant them permissions for what they should have access to.

What Does It Offer For Academic Management?

  • Fully configurable dynamic system.
  • Online student application form.
  • Handling the admissions process.
  • Student registration with educational information.
  • Student ID card print, and password email functions.
  • Student transfer In and Out.
  • Student subject wise attendance and reports.
  • Promote students in next academic session.
  • Student leave management system.
  • Course add drop option for open credit system.
  • Alumni students record manager.
  • Academy modules like program, batch, session and etc.
  • Manage classrooms and courses.
  • Enroll courses to the program / semester / section.
  • Create and print class routine and exam routine.
  • Exam type and grading system configuration.
  • Admit card configuration and print option.
  • Exam marks ledger and managing subject results.
  • Manage downloadable content for students.
  • Assignment submissions and marking system.
  • Result processing and transcript generation.
  • Marksheet and Certificate manage and print option.
  • Advanced and dynamic fee collection manager.
  • Fees master option for assigning fees.
  • Fees fine and discount rules setting.
  • Fees receipt configuration and print option.
  • Income and Expense head wise with receipt upload.
  • Records of staff and teachers with payroll details.
  • Maintaining attendance based on daily or hourly basis.
  • Staff daily or hourly attendance statistical reports.
  • Staff leave management system.
  • Staff leave type, shift and tax rules settings.
  • Staff automated salary generator and process.
  • Notice board manager for students.
  • Notify students by Email or SMS.
  • Event calendar handling option.
  • Library members management system.
  • Library books issue and return manager.
  • Barcode print and tracking option for books.
  • Library card setting and print option.
  • Manage inventory items and stocks.
  • Manage hostel rooms and members.
  • Manage transport vehicles and members.
  • Visitor management system with token print option.
  • Admission enquiries and complaints records.
  • Phone call logs and meeting schedule records.
  • Postal exchange import and export manager.
  • Currency, time zone and date format settings.
  • Language translation option.
  • Dynamic user roles and permissions management.
  • Bulk import and export option.
  • Various reports generation options.
  • Separated student login and reports panel.
  • Dynamic website management system.
  • Front website for academy.
  • And many many more…

Which Type Of Educational Academy Can It Be Used?

This Application can be used by any type of University, College, Institute, School, Training Institute or Teaching Academy. If your Academy provides courses based on multiple Sessions. Like Semesters, Trimesters, Quadmester or Yearly then this is the most perfect solution for your academy.

Why Should You Choose It?

This application is very easy to manage so you don’t need much technical knowledge to run it. Also this software is developed using the popular PHP framework Laravel. So, it can be easily customized by other programmers. Developers will be able to understand the source code easily and can modify or upgrade the database and files if needed.

This script is stronger than other popular CMS applications, So by using this script you will be happier to keep your data secure and protected. Thanks for your time.

NB: If this item still does not match your requirements? If you looking for any customization, upgrade, changes in UI design or functional task? Just contact our support. You can place a customization order to us with an affordable price.

Our Support Mail : dypilexco@gmail.com

Server Requirements

  • Apache web server
  • PHP >= 8.2.0
  • MySQL >= 8.0

Version 3.0.0

- 07 Oct 2023 -
- Initial release.
- 15 Feb 2023 -
- Online Student Application Form.
- Student Single View Upgrade.
- Student Relative Field Update.
- Single Student Enroll Option.
- Student Enrolls Module Upgrade.
- Open Credit Attendance System.
- Open Credit Exam Marking.
- Exam Subject Access By Teacher.
- Subject Attendance Access By Teacher.
- Teacher Class Routine by ID Search.
- Result Contribution Setting Update.
- Quick Fees Assign Option.
- Fees Master with Credit Counter.
- Staff Single View Setup.
- Dynamic Payroll Generator Setup.
- Inventory Full Module Added.
- Hostel Full Module Added.
- Transport Full Module Added.
- Book Request in Library.
- Meeting Schedule in Front Desk.
- User Assign in Complain and Enquiry.
- Income Expense Search Option.
- Library Book Search Option.
- Front Desk Search Option.
- Buttons And Layout Upgrade.
- Notice and Download Single view.
- Bulk Import Export Update.
- Email and SMS Notify with Shortcode.
- Multiple Token Print Option.
- RTL Print Layout Fix.
- 12 Mar 2023 -
- Auth Pages Layout Update.
- Security Issues Update.
- Technical Bug Fix.
- 05 Jun 2023 -
- Student Sorting Issues.
- Permissions Issues Fix.
- Marksheet Result Publish Issue.
- Search Option Upgrade.
- FrontDesk Status Update.
- Technical Issues Fix.
- Google Doc View Setup.
- Inventory Issue Layout Update.
- 27 Aug 2023 -
- Front Website Added For Academy.
- Dynamic Website Management Options.
- Various Reports Generator Module.
- Application Form Field Setting.
- Student Form Field Setting.
- Staff Form Field Setting.
- Student Panel Permission Setting.
- Individual Email and SMS Notify Option.
- Student and Staff Bulk Import Upgrade.
- Book and Subject Bulk Import Upgrade.
- Attendance Bulk Import Option.
- Exam Marks Bulk Import Option.
- Auth and Profile View Update.
- Reference Field in Income and Expense.
- Date Field Added in Exam.
- Exam Marks Input With Blank Data.
- Library Issue Return Layouts Update.
- Student Login Logout Error Issues.
- Email Template Design Change.
- Program Changing Option in Enroll.
- More Graph Added in Dashboard.
- Semester Marksheet Print Option.

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